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Beer, Wine, Champagne: the Interview

I’ve been attending scores of interviews lately. Moving to a new city will do that to a girl. ¬†Now that the whole process seems old-hat, I’ve taken to sitting back in my assigned folding chair and really analyzing the other applicant’s interview strategies. There’s the awkward shy one, the goody-two-shoes, the bad-attitude, the it’s-my-first-job-interview one, the list goes on. I tend to be the quiet but extremely competitive type. What can I say? I’m ruthless. Especially when I know I’m the best person for the job. Not hard when the job is cashier at your local Banana Republic, but still.

Aside from interview techniques, appropriate interview attire has also been a great topic of interest for me in the last few weeks. Since the idea of next month’s rent still leaves a terrifying pit in my stomach, I couldn’t rush out and buy the latest anything for my successive job-hunting endeavors. So I turned to my closet in lieu of a credit card. It was tough at first, but I was able to tailor what I already owned into relatively appropriate outfits for my desired positions (read: everything nice I own now has at least one hole or delightful grease stain). Not having the best outfit made me nervous and left me doubting my ability to perform in said interviews. It’s stupid, I know, but an interview is the one place where first impressions count, BIG time.
So, in my day-dreaming frenzy, I came up with some more ideal variations on that theme:
The Dreaded Interview
What you’re working with: a structured black leather tote or messenger bag (anything that will fit extra copies of your resume without folding/bending/otherwise ruining that pristine record of your previous employment), a folder for aforementioned record, natural makeup, and a subtly edgy, black jacket or blazer. DON’T FORGET A PEN!!!
The beer:
Appropriate for your standard, entry-level position just about anywhere (excluding department stores, secretarial positions, etc.), this outfit lets you be comfortable so you can focus on incredible answers and crushing the competition. Wear to college campus tours, most food service interviews, and casting calls.
The wine:
The bouquet of this ensemble has lovely notes of metallics and a spicy pop of red. It’s so important to let your personal style be seen in interview settings. You probably have less than an hour to make an impression on this person so you’ve got to be sensibly impactful. Wear for internship interviews, mid-scale retail stores, and anything where wearing the pants could give you a leg up. Pun intended.
The champagne:
The creme-de-la-creme of interview wear. This pulled-together look suggests you’ve got the brains for your desired position¬†and the responsible attitude. At first I wasn’t too thrilled with the grey-on-grey situation, but the subdued plaid of that lovely Equipment blouse paired with the houndstooth of the J.Crew pencil skirt is a more serious way to play with your patterns, even in a professional environment. Wear for all grown-up girl interviews including corporate offices of any kind.
Hop over to the polyvore to get the deets on all the pieces and good luck out there!
Until next time,
– The Fashion Serf