Life at the bottom of the Fashion Caste

Free Stuff

Dear fellow Fashion Serfs of the world, I wanted to alert you about the abundance of free stuff up for grabs during this holiday season.

There are SO many competitions/contests/giveaways out there on the interwebs at the moment. I shamelessly admit that I literally created a pinterest just to get myself in the running for a bunch of different prizes. We peasants gotta clothe our bods somehow, dontcha think?

Here’s a roundup of four ongoing contests and such, but act fast! They end soon. Or maybe don’t act fast at all so there are more chances for me to weeeeeeeen! Just kidding. But really, there are so many more out there, you just gotta sleuth around for the goods.

– Win £1000 to Spend at from Matches and Motilo (Pinterest) My entry is here.

– Pin it to Win it with Saks Fifth Avenue (Pinterest) My entry is here.

– Mix Well with Madewell (Pinterest) My entry here.

Dwell Holiday Giveaway

– Also, It’s My Party Dress contest from Modcloth (Pinterest)



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