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In preparation for my first semester at Central Saint Martins this fall, I’ve taken to indulging my crafty side. Check out the project I’m in the midst of right now:

(photo to come shortly)

Binge-ing on DIY sites and sifting through Youtube videos day after day, I have finally found something incredible. I had never heard of tambour beading until yesterday, and now I absolutely must try my hand at the amazing art form. It kind of seems like a dying technique, not many people know how to do it anymore. Even still, no machine has been able to match the intricacy and detail as a hand-embroidered tambour piece which is even cooler!

The art has been pioneered by French atelier Lesage and Co. They’re who you can credit the five plus digit prices to on anything involving beads, sequins, and haute couture. Case in point, this video:

And also this one:

Thanks to Professor Robert Haven from the University of Kentucky, I plan on taking a full tambour embroidery course from a friend of his in Kent once I return to England this fall. I CANNOT wait. In the meantime all I can do is drool over google images and dream up what kind of awesome creations I’ll be able to whip up. With lots of practice, of course.


Maria Nichole


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